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Title: Mellencamp Sold Out in Louisville
Post by: conniebky on December 09, 2010, 05:40:07 pm
Man, I haven't posted here in a daughter, 24, (who has 4 children) got her CNA and works 12 hour shifts at the hospital now.  And I got a job with the largest insurance company in America, so I work and when she works her shifts, I watch my grandbabies, so I haven't had much time for fun things!

Anyway, to this day one of my favorite mellencamp songs is the one about "you can just kick the kid inside so many times...."  I LOVE that song.... :P

So I called Barnes & Noble here in Louisville, KY where I live and guess what?  SOLD OUT of his new CD!  So I go "can you call the other stores?  cuz I want it"  and he goes, "B & N is pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE!"  And I go, "that's fantastic!  I'm so happy to hear that!"  and he (like 20 years old ) goes, "well, it IS Mellencamp"!   :D

They had to ORDER it for me!  I love it I love it I love it.....and I've been noticing that a bunch of new country songs are Mellencamp songs with just different tunes and a little clip here n there....... ::)

So, I still don't have the CD, cuz it's sold out everywhere in Louisville, but they are gonna call me when they get it.  .....   "well,  it IS Mellencamp!"