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Post by: djsa on November 02, 2010, 09:06:16 am
I just had the honor of attending Mr. Mellencamp's show here in Cincinnati, Ohio... Although the Cincinnati Music Hall is rather sticky about allowing rock n' rollers to play this venue, I can honestly say that this performance was one of the most heartfelt and beautiful concerts to be presented at this prestigious venue, usually reserved for the Cincinnati Symphony, Opera and Ballet.  In a time of great social hardship and unrest, Mr. Mellencamp proved to all that we have to take time to dream and that those silent moments can change the fortunes of us all! Mr. Mellencamp has taken his rightful place and lives up to a rare iconic status which he shares with John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie.  I found his voice true to the meaning found in his songs... A voice of Hope, Happiness, a little Sadness and most of all, Love!  I wanted to post this note just to take the time to thank Mr. Mellencamp for his lifelong work, attention to the common man and the bravery he displays with every nuance of his performance!  I believe Mr. Mellencamp to be a true AMERICAN HERO and hope that his leadership will inspire others the way it has inspired me... To continue to Fight the GOOD fight and never forget that we are all in this together!  Stay Strong John and I pray that God will bless you now and in all your endeavors!  PS... YOU ROCK!