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Title: The Vault: Rehearsal/Recording footage of the "classic" line-up/era
Post by: Maradona10 on August 25, 2019, 03:23:13 am
I haven't really listened to John Mellencamp in a good few months now. The Stevie Wonder cover at the end of the record aside, I found Other People's Stuff to be kind of underwhelming and - as was the case with the Rural Route box set - I felt it wasn't quite put together with the JM aficionados in mind.  

Nevertheless, last night saw me disappear down the old YouTube rabbit hole and discover a channel called VintageMellencamp, stumbling over a few rare videos and broadcasts that I'd been previously unaware of.

Now, we've all seen the footage of Mellencamp at The Shack recording Uh Huh (specifically Pink Houses, although some may feel that this footage is "staged" for the special and may not be actual genuine recording: But it becomes apparent, upon dipping in and out of various TV specials, interviews, and promotional materials that Mellencamp had a lot of Belmont Mall band activity filmed.

Now, consider this 1992 Whenever We Wanted special: You may have to go digging, but there is a verse or so in here of the band playing an absolutely fantastic, raw, and rocking Love and Happiness; to my knowledge, the whole performance (and I assume, other performances, too) have never been released.

Are we to assume that this footage was to be included in the often-discussed yet never-completed documentary film project due to be called Nothing Like We Planned? Check this amusing video out featuring Mellencamp, Aronoff, and Wanchic, wherein John discusses his hopes for that very film project:

Furthermore, here's a Human Wheels special in which - it would seem - the band were filmed in the studio cutting or rehearsing Case 795 (The Family) and To the River; see around the nine minute mark for the studio footage:

Fascinating stuff. The question is: will this stuff have been efficiently archived? Mellencamp seems notoriously averse to looking back over his career. Will this archive footage simply be lost? One wonders - with physical media seemingly in its decline - if there is even an audience for this kind of material.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd post. This forum may be a ghost town, but perhaps Tony knows someone who knows someone who could perhaps convey to management that there are, indeed, people out here who'd love to see and hear the vaulted jewels that originated at Belmont Mall through the years.

Peace. Mellencamp fans: let's get posting around here again.

Title: Re: The Vault: Rehearsal/Recording footage of the "classic" line-up/era
Post by: TonyBClubManager on August 27, 2019, 11:47:07 am
I agree with your points, there is fascinating stuff filmed of John and the and over the years that I know we all would enjoy seeing. I've discussed the fan desire to see that stuff with John's team over the years.

The good news is John had a lot of that stuff digitized back in the middle 2000's, remember that intermission video that was played on the 2005 summer tour, some things showed up in there that I think were digitized from John's archive.

I'll continue to advocate for that kind of footage to be released in some way to John's team.

Title: Re: The Vault: Rehearsal/Recording footage of the "classic" line-up/era
Post by: drewandjo on September 17, 2019, 03:02:09 am
Go Tony go......we are all getting that much older and getting this released would be huge for us fans