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Title: Free CD's
Post by: Linny on October 14, 2018, 09:21:31 am
I was thrilled to see the free CD bonus offer for ticket holders of concerts in Jan & Feb of 2018 - me being one of them! I am very frustrated to find out, after several emails directing me to various sites, that even though we purchased our tickets for the Feb show in Grand Rapids Michigan we cannot receive a CD because we live in Canada! Come on!
I tried my original point of purchase (Ticketmaster) only to be told they do not honor this offer for Canada. Then I was directed to Music Bundles who in turn told me they do not offer this and try Ticket master. This is VERY unfair and I am quite confident in suggesting that the shipping cost to Canada would not break the bank. PLEASE PASS ALONG as I am sure there are others of us "Canadians" (who pay top US pricing for tickets) that feel the exact same way and would like to see this rectified. Thank you.

Hey, just a about we bring our Canadian citizenship and ticket stubs to concert and THERE we receive our free CD?????