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Title: Good Luck on the Tour
Post by: racketeer on June 25, 2017, 04:26:56 am
As time goes on and July 7,2017 approaches the date of Mellencamp's Bethel Woods concert, I have been practicing my "I was only 17" song, a song about unruly behavior that I wrote about myself, "...walking my butt down Riverside Drive..."  and
having "the urge to lose my cool, at the top of a doubledecker scooby doodoo..." dating back to the late 1970's. But another easier song that was written about a picture about my life at that time, and I quote, goes,
" she₩₩₩₩ she's on the bus and she starts in to yell... she's disturbing the peace and she knows she needs help lol...they're not gonna let go til she shows do they know what she'll do before long.?"!!!  $Underneath your breath" is fine!!! "Pull it together",whatever?" Cry on someone's shoulder?"
I mean, if you believe in the golden rule, then 'a good time for me is a good time
for you, I guess, anyway...You ask me to dinner, you're gonna be there!!
You gotta have it together in dunno. Anyway I hope the tour goes well.
That is not all. If you're a supposed mellenfanatic and you "jump" out at people on the internet  but you shy away big time from "reality" stuff?? You have to give things a break...And THAT is THAT!

BREAK!!! 😴