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Title: Wall of fame at high school
Post by: Jgmanns81 on May 02, 2017, 03:09:55 am
I started listening to John at 5/6 years old 86/87 well in 1990 my mom moved to Seymour from Augusta Georgia and in 93 me my brother and sister joined been here since but in 96/97 they had a wall of fame thing at Seymour high school and I knew they were putting John on it but everyone kept saying he wasn't coming well we in the gym bored about whoever they inducted before him and I seen Elaine In hall behind bleachers on opposite side of me well they started to announce him being inducted and here comes John and Elaine place goes wild everyone except a real John mellencamp fan since I was 6 and not because we lived in same town a real fan I'm stuck to my seat legs like spaghetti noodles I was numb I was like that that's that that's John mellencamp I'll never forget that