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Title: No Better Than This #1 4th Week On The Americana Radio Chart - Request NBTT!
Post by: sharonc on September 01, 2010, 01:09:51 pm
No Better Than This #1 4th Week On The Americana Radio Chart - Request NBTT!

John's new album, No Better Than This, is #1 for the fourth week on the Americana Radio chart!

Please call your local station in these formats and request the album, thanking them for playing it and let them know how much you love the record!

The song along with the entire CD has been sent to multiple radio formats, including AAA, Americana and Non-Commercial.

If you want to support John's new album, call your local station in these formats and request the album, thanking them for playing it and let them know how much you love the record!

To find your local station in these formats please click HERE and search for your local area.

Now is an ideal time to contact your local radio stations listed below and request the single No Better Than This or ask them to play some tracks from it! Hearing interest from their listeners will help encourage them to play John's new music more.

Drop us an email at [email protected] if you hear the song on your local station and when.

Email also what stations you requested the song to be played! When requesting No Better Than This, like we did when requesting songs in the past remember these important tips:

* Personalize all email requests by mentioning the DJ's name, something that happened at their station or in you community or something you heard the DJ say. Make sure they know you are a real listener!
* Do NOT mention you are a fan club member, street team member or part of the Mellencamp fan community. These requests are coming from you as a real listener so don't give them an excuse to think you are not sincere or that you were put up to it. Your requests come from the heart and are honest requests to a station you really listen to and that is all they need to know.
* Don't email the same DJ more than twice a week. Don't email the same station more than once a day.
* Try not to use fan related email accounts. It's better to send requests from your real name or a generic email address so that you don't sound like you are part of a fan club.
* Keep your requests friendly, fun, and upbeat.
* Try to be patient and polite at all times and eventually your positive input will help encourage them to play songs from the CD.
* When you request, don't just say. “I love John Mellencamp”. Focus on the CD and tell them why No Better Than This excites you and that you want to hear songs from the CD.
* Do not mass mail your requests to more than one station at a time.
* If you hear a John Mellencamp song played on your local station, call them up to thank them. They love positive feedback and that will actually help more than the request itself because it shows you were listening and moved by the song!

Below is a list of stations that should be playing the single or album. Click HERE for the complete list of phone numbers, emails and request contact information.

Acoustic Cafe Syndicated
Altville Syndicated
CAFÉ World Cafe Internet
Folkscene Los Angeles
Indie 101.5 Internet
KAXE Grand Rapids, MN 91.7
KBCS Seattle-Tacoma 91.3 FM
KCSN Northridge, CA 88.5
KDBB Park Hills, MO 104.3
KDEC Decorah, IA 100.5
KDHX St. Louis 88.1 FM
KDNK Carbondale, CO 88.1
KDTR Missoula, MT 103.3
KEXP Seattle-Tacoma 90.3 FM
KEZE Spokane, WA 96.9
KFAN Fredericksburg, TX 78624 107.9
KFJC San Francisco 89.7 FM
KHYI Dallas-Ft. Worth 95.3 FM
KLCC Eugene, OR 89.7
KLRR Bend, OR 101.7
KMTN Jackson Hole, WY 96.9
KNBA Anchorage, AK 90.3
KNBT San Antonio 92.1 FM
KOPN Columbia-Jefferson City 89.5 FM
KOZT Fort Bragg, CA 95.3/95.9
KPFT Houston 90.1 FM
KPIG Monterey-Salinas 107.5 FM
KPND Sandpoint, Idaho 95.3
KRCB Santa Rosa 91.1 FM
KRCL Salt Lake City 90.9 FM
KRFC Ft. Collins 88.9 FM
KRSH Santa Rosa 95.9 FM
KRVM Eugene, OR 91.9
KSUT Durango, CO
KSYM San Antonio 90.1 FM
KTAO Taos, NM 87571 101.9
KTBG Warrensburg, MO 64093 90.9
KTHX Reno 100.1 FM
KUT Austin, TX 78712 90.5
KUWR Laramie, WY 82071 91.9
KVMR Sacramento 89.5 FM
KVNF Grand Junction 90.9 FM
KVSF Santa Fe NM 87507 101.5
KWMR San Fran 90.5 FM
KXCI Tucson 91.3 FM
KYSL Frisco, CO 80443 93.9
KZSU San Fran 90.1 FM
Maine Public Broadcasting 90.1/90.9
Morehead State Public Radio Morehead, KY 90.3
Public Radio East Greenville 88.1 FM
Radio Vagabond Internet
SRTR (The Spectrum)New York,NY 10020
WBJB Lincroft NJ 07738 90.5
WCBE Columbus, OH 432-15 90.5
WDBM Lansing 88.9 FM
WDST Woodstock, NY 100.1
WDVX Knoxville 102.9 FM
WERU East Orland 89.9 FM
WETS Johnson City 89.5 FM
WEVL Memphis 89.9 FM
WEXT Troy, NY 12180 97.7
WFDU New York 89.1 FM
WFHB Bloomington, IN 47402 91.3 /98.1
WFPK Louisville, KY 91.9
WGCS South Bend 91.1 FM
WGWG Western Charlotte, NC 88.3
WHAY Whitley City 98.3 FM
WHEE Martinsville AM 1370
WIKX Ft. Myers 92.9 FM
WJMQ Green Bay 92.3 FM
WMKY Lexington 90.3 FM
WMLB Atlanta AM 1690
WMMT Whitesburg 88.7 FM
WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM
WMSR Auburn 94.9 FM
WMUD Burlington 89.3 FM
WMVY Vineyard Haven, MA 92.7
WMWV Portland, ME 93.5
WNCW Charlotte/Asheville, NC 88.7
WNKU Cincinnati, OH 89.7
WNRN Charlottesville, VA 91.9
WOCM Ocean City, MD 98.1
WOUB Athens 91.3 FM
WPHB Harrisburg AM 1260
WQBR McElhattan 99.9 FM
WRRW Williamsburg 102.5 FM
WSM Nashville AM 650
WSYC Harrisburg, PA 88.7
WTYD Norfolk, VA 92.3
WUIN Wilmington, NC 106.7
WUKY Lexington, KY 91.3
WUMB Boston 91.9 FM
WUTC Chattanooga, TN 88.1
WVMP Roanoke, VA 101.5
WVOD Wanchese, NC 27981 99.1
WVTF Roanoke 89.1 FM
WWUH Hartford 91.3 FM
WXLV Allentown 90.3 FM
WXPN Philadelphia, PA 88.5
WYCE Grand Rapids 88.1 FM
XMLF SiriusXM/The Loft 12