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Title: Chicago Theater Presale - Seat Availability?
Post by: lula on August 27, 2010, 05:01:38 pm
Sorry for the double post.  I also put this in the heading about presale problems.  Then I thought that was not the right place.  

I purchased tickets "presale" for Mellencamp in Chicago.  
These tickets are WAY to the back of the theater on the left far section.  

Then TODAY, I find if I had waited until today, (the tickets offered to general public) the center section in 5 th row would have been available.  

I tried to swap original tickets.  Per Ticket Master, the promoters will not allow any swapping.  
I asked if I could return and re-purchase.  NO, per Ticket Master, the promoters do not allow this.  
I called and spoke with the Chicago Theater Box Office Manager.  He also said that better tickets were available BUT, according to the promoters, they were not allowed to exchange refund or trade my location.  They also said that had I not ordered "presale" they could change the seats.  But because they were presale, the restrictions applied. 

I was on hold for almost 2 hours while both ticketmaster and chicago theater checked this and that.  The answer kept coming back as NO.  

They say that Mellencamp's concert makes all the rules and they must abide by them.  

Why would worse tickets be offered at presale than when they go on sale to the general public?  I feel like I was duped into buying "best available" tickets when they were not at all the best available.  Both Ticket Master and the Chicago Box Office Manager said that what tickets are available and when they come up come from the Mellencamp Concert Promoters and they have no control.  They said that the tickets I purchased "were the best being offered at the time". Not necessiarly the best available.  This is misleading and mis represententing.  

I would really appreciate an answer to this question.  


Title: Re: Chicago Theater Presale - Seat Availability?
Post by: richm752 on September 01, 2010, 11:08:54 am
Buy the better tickets, then sell the crummy ones on Craigslist.