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Title: GM centre show, Oshawa
Post by: lette on July 15, 2012, 10:17:23 pm
Just got back from seeing John at the GM centre. John as usual put on another fantastic show, had us all up dancing and singing from the get go. I was I have to say extremely shocked at the lack of respect from many of the people who were at tonights show. I wont call them fans because they obviously were not! People interrupting John while he was talking to the audience, shouting and jeering during songs! Constantly getting up down! I just dont get people who willingly pay money to go and see a Hall of Fame artist then didnt bother to sit and watch him! they would rather drink beer and visit the bathroom the whole way through the show! One guy was so drunk he even fell forward almost landing in top of my friend! and then he and his friends decided they would rather chat and drink beer than sit and enjoy the show! John was perfect he got the hint that people didnt want to hear him so he didnt chat for the rest of the show spoiling it for us true fans but whats a guy to do he obviously didnt fancy shouting above the hecklers but he did tell them they would all go to hell!!! and good on him too.
Highlight of my evening I finally got to see Johns Airstream in the Parking lot!!!!!

Title: Re: GM centre show, Oshawa
Post by: MadWiccan on July 16, 2012, 10:17:06 am
It was a great show, as always. Unfortunately there are always drunken buffoons who just want to drink and be obnoxious instead of watching the show, but that's unavoidable. Another thing I like about John is he'll speak up and he knows how to get them to quiet down.

I had heard people complaining about the Premium packages, but I had no problems. I got front row center seats and it was great. I was also very pleased about the no camera policy and the fact that they didn't let people crowd in front of the stage. It made it much more pleasant. My Mom was there in row 1 and I was worried that if there was a huge crowd of people in front then she wouldn't see anything (since she can't stand for more than a minute or two). The lack of cameras and the lack of people crowding made it a much more enjoyable experience.

I'm so glad he is still mixing in some songs like Death Letter, The Real Life and Key West Intermezzo instead of just doing the hits. It's the fifth time I've seen him and he's been great every time. The whole band looked like they were having fun, which is nice. Can't wait for the next tour! (though they definitely deserve a break!).

Title: Re: GM centre show, Oshawa
Post by: lette on July 16, 2012, 11:33:07 am
Yea I too love the fact he plays a complete mixture of all his songs. I like the way he changes stuff up too loved the redition of Jack and Diane last night. My favourite still has to be Pink Houses though. Im sad he didnt do Jackie Brown last night that's another one of my fav's at the moment!
Yes John and the band definately deserve a well earned rest now! and hopefully he'll be up to coming up here to Canada to see us again in a the next couple of years??

Title: Re: GM centre show, Oshawa
Post by: Mellenfan71 on July 18, 2012, 02:58:02 pm
Sounds great. Makes me want to go to a concert :D

Title: Re: GM centre show, Oshawa
Post by: AlisonGill on October 22, 2012, 03:55:40 am
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