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Title: Dartmouth, N.S. Concert
Post by: ladyluv98eh on July 11, 2012, 08:51:19 am
Hi John & Band....last night's show was excellent & I fell in  love w/your music all over again!! I knew U 1st as John Cougar, but U R still John to me. The place was hopping last night & I am going to do more research on your Band because they R awesome, especially your violinist, she is amazing!!! Unfortunately the venue was not the best....way to hot, some of us wanted an encore but figured U guys were beat too. Next time U come to Nova Scotia, I hope U can play the Halifax Metro Centre. Anyway I got a CD & a T-shirt & my boyfriend & I were thoroughly happy w/your show. We just hope U come back, but to Halifax!!! I was just disappointed U didn't include 'Funny French Shoes', we both love that Take care & thnx so much for a great Concert, we're even bigger fans now ;) U guys were the best last night!! WOOHOO, loved it!!

Lyn & Gary, Halifax Nova Scotia 8)